Personal Info Keeper

Personal Info Keeper

Never type a UserID or password again. Never make a mistake entering your name, address, zip code, or other information into a Web Form. Personal Info Keeper (PIK) organizes all your personal information in a convenient tree view. With a single mouse click and friendly drag-and-drop, you can "type" that information where you need it.

With sophisticated security and data encryption, PIK is suitable for managing your passwords and login account information. PIK eliminates the need to write down your passwords and allows you to drag passwords to input prompt boxes, thus reducing keystrokes and errors associated with inputting passwords and account information.

The new PIK version 3.0 can be launched from a portable device such as a USB drive and can provide you access to your private information anytime. A new type of item called a "Reminder" lets you schedule reminders for different events such as anniversaries, birthdays or appointments. Those items and folders that you use frequently can be added to your Personal Info Keeper Favorites so you can quickly locate them by simply clicking its name in your favorites list. A link history provides you with another shortcut for accessing links you use frequently. You will find details on all the new features on the "What's new in the Version 3.0?" page.

For more details and examples see Personal Info Keeper overview.

For iPhone owners High Criteria offers a new product - Personal Info Keeper for iPhone. Private data between iPIK and PIK for Windows can be synchronized through iTunes.

Download and Purchase Options

No-cost evaluation copies of Personal Info keeper are available for download by clicking on the following links. The evaluation copies are fully functional versions of the program, that will expire in 30 days. For ongoing product use, you must purchase a Personal Info Keeper license.

Download Personal Info Keeper v 3.0 (build 39)

Purchase Personal Info Keeper

PIK30.exe (recommended)

$10.95 US Online with a credit card

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PIK30.exe (alternate link)

Alternate Currencies and payment options


Personal Info Keeper works on Windows 98 or above.

Personal Info Keeper Version 3.0 is available free of charge to purchasers of previous versions of the Personal Info Keeper. Existing customers may download and install the new version, however you will need a V3.0 registration key (the key must begin with "PK30"). Registration keys not beginning with "PK30" will not work with V3.0.

Users may obtain a V3.0 registration key by using the self-service registration key management system. This system uses the email address under which the product was originally purchased. If this email address is no longer valid, then users requiring a new key should email High Criteria at Users should specify their registration name and E-mail address from the time of registering and their new E-mail address.

The Alternate Currencies link is available, in case you experience any problem with the primary payment link. The Alternate Currencies link uses another payment processing company called ShareIt. ShareIt has offices in both Europe and the U.S. ShareIt accepts the same credit cards as the primary link and offers payments in a number of currencies including Euros and U.S. dollars. You may also purchase multiple licenses using the Alternate Currencies link.

If you pay by credit card using the secure online order form, your license code is instantly e-mailed to you (e-mail address is required). Otherwise, you can mail us a check and have your registration code mailed to you.