Total Recorder Kernel Mode Filter Driver SDK (TRFSDK)

The Total Recorder Kernel Mode Filter Driver SDK (TRFSDK) provides developers with an interface through which they can monitor or capture the audio streams being sent to a PC's sound card. This capability is achieved by the insertion of a filter driver on top of the real sound driver associated with the PC's sound card. The SDK is available to be imbedded with applications that require access to a sound cardís data streams.

The audio Filter Driver SDK has a clearly defined programming interface to the underling sound driver. This interface allows other applications to access the sound card input stream. The Filter Driver SDK will be of special interest to those developing applications that require access to such a sound stream.

How The SDK Works

The application's installation/uninstallation program should install/uninstall the SDK driver. A description and source code for such an installer can be found in the SDK.

The SDK driver is a WDM (Windows Driver Model) kernel mode filter driver. It intercepts data from sound device drivers and provides access to it to your application program. This driver is fully transparent.

Your capturing application controls the driver and communicates with it using the system function DeviceIoControl. The SDK contains sample application code with helper classes for working with the SDK driver.

The following illustration shows the operating scheme of an application using the Kernel Mode Filter Driver SDK:

System Requirements

The kernel Mode Filter Driver SDK is available for applications being developed on an IBM compatible Personal Computer equipped with a sound card and running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

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