An ideal tool for recording streaming audio, Mic input, or Line-in input from external devices connected to your PC. Video Pro Edition also allows you record video from screen or a video device like web cam or TV tuner. Convenient and powerful scheduler allows you to record when you can't be at your computer. The functionality of background recording makes the process of recording streaming audio and video handy and efficient!
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Total Recorder Standard Edition costs just $17.95 (U.S.) Most other recording packages cost more and deliver less.
All new program updates are available to purchasers at no cost!
Registered users of Total Recorder Standard Edition may upgrade to the Professional Edition or VideoPro Edition for an upgrade fee of $18.00 or $36.00 (U.S.) respectively.

Please see this page for a complete overview of Total Recorder features.

Professional Dictation / Transcription Solutions

High Criteria offers a number of programs for digital recording and transcription, including:

Use Dictation Buddy to record phone conversations.

Record Phone Calls
Dictation Buddy is the ideal software application for recording phone calls.
Follow this link for more details on recording phone calls to your PC with Dictation Buddy.

High Criteria develops, markets and sells the following products.
All products are available for download and purchase from this site.

  • Total Recorder Standard Edition records streaming audio, mic and line-in input, and performs audio file conversions. Total Recorder may be used to record LPs, cassettes or any stereo output onto your PC. Total Recorder also allows you to record CDs or DVDs.
  • Total Recorder Professional Edition retains all of the recording features of the Standard Edition, plus adds extended features for serious recording enthusiasts.
  • Total Recorder VideoPro Edition is designed for users that want to play, record, and edit video files in AVI, WMV or FLV format. You can capture video from your screen, record from a video device plugged into your computer, such as DV camera, web camera, TV-tuner or DVD player, or background record Internet video streams in WMV format.
  • Total Recorder Kernel Mode Filter Driver SDK provides developers with driver level access to the audio stream by revealing the audio buffers as they are sent to the audio sound card driver. Developers may make use of the SDK to access the audio buffers, before they are played by the audio sound card.
  • Liberty Court Recorder for digital court recording, provides multi-channel recording capabilities that are ideal to record court proceedings. Multiple audio sources are recorded on separate channels. The channels may be played back together or separately using the no-cost Liberty Player.
  • Dictation Buddy software is a PC based application that allows for recording of dictation and phone conversations.
  • Personal Info Keeper organizes all your personal information in a convenient tree view, manages passwords and account login information, and allows you to instantly "drag and drop" this data into Web forms and Windows applications. The new version 3.0 can be launched from a USB drive so your most important information will always be available, even when you’re on the go!
  • New!! Personal Info Keeper for iPhone organizes your personal information in a hierarchical secure structure, manages passwords and account login information. Ability to exchange data files with PC through iTunes makes it possible to synchronize private data between iPIK and PIK for Windows.
  • Phone-In Buddy software provides a PC based dictation application that lets people call into a PC and leave dictation.
  • Transcription Buddy software is a PC based application that allows for transcription on a PC and will support a foot pedal for playback control.
  • Total Recorder Developer Edition allows you to integrate the capabilities of Total Recorder (audio and video recording, editing, processing, and playing) with other applications through OLE Automation. This version of Total Recorder is for VB or C++ programmers.
  • Audio Restoration Add-on for Total Recorder can be used to remove distortions such as clicks, crackles, and background noise, and provides high-quality restoration of audio recorded from LPs, tapes and microphones.
  • Automatic Gain Control and Speech Enhancement Add-on for Total Recorder provides digital enhancement for recording and playback of spoken word recordings.
  • Spectrum Analyzer and Graphic Equalizer Add-on for Total Recorder lets you display and modify the levels of different sound frequencies. For example, you can use the Graphic Equalizer to set sound frequency levels, and then use the Spectrum Analyzer to review the results.
  • Digital Mixer Add-on for Total Recorder Professional, VideoPro and Developer Editions lets you mix sound files or record mixed Software and Sound board inputs for karaoke type applications.
  • Send to iTunes/iPod Add-on for Total Recorder lets you send an opened file directly from Total Recorder to iTunes or an iPod.
  • Ogg Vorbis Support Add-on for Total Recorder lets you record audio into Ogg Vorbis format.
  • Streaming Add-on for Total Recorder Professional, VideoPro and Developer Editions transfers audio being played back or captured by Total Recorder over a local network or the Internet in real time.

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